Have a nice ride!

Buckyrides is put together by James Buckroyd. I would call myself a true cyclist, being that I ride my bike a lot. An average year for me is somewhere in the region of 9000miles and about half of this is using the bicycle for daily life activities such as commuting to work and daily life. As the bicycle is my main mode of transport I have a heightened awareness of two wheels and a sense of adventure.

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What type of bikes do you ride?
Mainly at the moment, I ride a Moots road bike or a more gravel oriented bike, the Moots Routt. The Gravel bike is like a cyclocross bike, it’s designed for more dirt / gravel adventures with fatter tyres and a more upright position. Normally I have a handlebar, seat or frame bag on my gravel bike also. My current tyres on this are a 38mm up front and a 34mm in the back.

What’s behind your product testing?
I am raised from a scientific and technical background of product design and development, working with woods, plastics, metals and engineering for the past 20years, from this I have some insight and know where to go to get real answers, less marketing hype here and I’m pretty candid so if it’s rubbish- I will say so :-).
Depending on what it is that I am reviewing, I will either test on weekend (longer rides) or use in daily life on commutes and grocery runs etc. Certain things I will test for extended periods of time, like a jersey or a rain jacket. Others require shorter duration to get a good read.

Where do you get your routes from?
After living for quite a few years in the Portland, Oregon area I decided to write up / catalog the best road and gravel rides that I have ridden more than a few times. These are in the  Portland, South Washington and Mt. Hood Areas. My routes I have ridden 10’s of times, so I know the roads well. The routes generally have amazing views or points of interest and encounter the less popular yet premium roads /trails of the areas. Proven routes mean the best roads in a safe manner for an amazing ride.

Who are these routes for? – My rides and routes cater to riders with a mid to higher levels of fitness. All routes can be ridden for recreation, fitness or training purposes, that’s up to you, but ultimately they were selected for recreation and the best possible route. A lot of my routes are large and maybe all day routes, I am to change this and fill in with some 2hr rides. This will come with time.


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