Buckyrides Gift Guide 2018

Top gift ideas for the cycling fanatic in your life.

Band of Climbers – for the inspired

https://www.bandofclimbers.com/ -Gifts are from $18 to $60

Band of Climbers is a British company that offers ride inspired lifestyle cycling gifts along the lines of prints, mugs, caps and softgoods. From inspirational race quotes to grand tour photos, there is something there for everyone immersed in cycling culture.


Images : Band of Climbers

Trail maps – for the explorer

https://www.greentrailsmaps.com/ – $8 for a basic section map

GreenTrails has been making maps for a while and the Classic Green 12×18″ paper maps you will love having around for pre planning and a casual adventure stoke. When combined with more tradition route planning tools like google maps and ridewithgps.com they make an amazing resource for inspiring fun bike adventures. They are well designed, showing contours and trails and they also provide elevations and trail makers with mile points. These maps can unlock some shortcuts and fun off-roads to explore. Green Trail maps are only available for certain areas, so it’s worth checking out their website.


Image : Green Trail Maps

Pack Along Tool – for the prepared

https://www.wolftoothcomponents.com/ – $30

Wolf Tooth – Best known for their highly engineered USA made 1x chain rings,  also make other great accessories. The item that always brings a smile to my face because of its fun character and ultra utility is the Pack tool. Combining spare links, chain tool, valve tool and a spare chain ring bolt in a fun, light and small package that you cannot go wrong. Made in the USA Its always in my gear kit. full review here


Images : Wolf Tooth

Rear Light Daybot  -for the conscious commuter

https://ridepdw.com/ – Daybot $35

Beyond the practicality and high quality of PDW gear the the aspects that impress me about PDW products is the thoughtfulness that has gone into them. The Daybot has well thought out flash modes allowing you to use a safe but non obnoxious flash mode at night with the option of a brighter safety mode during the day – hence Daybot name.  Along with recharge indicators, long battery life and easy to use mounts the Daybot is a win. Full Review Here


images Buckyrides

Rain Jacket  – for the do everything all weather rider

https://www.showerspass.com/– Atlas $279 and Oddessey $179 jacket

There is no doubt that ShowersPass makes some top quality cycling rain jackets, but what most people don’t know is that they do make some good looking non yellow rain jackets that can be multi-purposed on and off the bike. Made from the same high tech materials with attention to details the jackets are refined and have a host of features for use off the bike as safety focused bike ones. The Atlas jacket is worth checking out. Initial Review Here

atlas_showerspass_jacket-1atlas_showerspass_jacket-4Men_s-Odyssey-Jacket-Lifestyle-2_2000x Men_s-Odyssey-Jacket-Lifestyle-4-back-with-flash_2000x

images buckyrides & ShowersPass

Wool Gloves  – for the pickiest

DeFeet Charcoal Wool Glove–  $29

Last but not least, a new addition. Late to the game I picked up a pair of these knitted wool based gloves. GAME CHANGER. The 40% marino wool glove has a nice warmth and a nice knit construction that hugs the hand and lets you feel the sensations of the handlebars. Good down to 38 degrees, make them suitable for many changing ride situations. These gloves breath when hands are hot and stay warm when cool, they even stay warm when wet (the wonders of wool)  Wool has the advantage doesn’t smell and designed to work with touchscreens. Need ask for more? – currently my go to glove, I’m stoked on these.

images DeFeet & Internet

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