Tech: Wolftooth ReMote Dropper Lever

The Wolftooth dropper lever for your mountain or gravel bike - With a slight change from the regular pace, we have a tech review on the widely praised Wolftooth dropper lever. Uber quality, engineered and made in the USA - Just from the photos, you can tell this company cares about quality and manufacture. We installed... Continue Reading →

Tech: Care for your waterproof gear

We spend a lot of time choosing our gear carefully and as we know cycling gear is expensive! especially when it comes to all waterproof wear. But do you know how to keep your Rapha softshell going strong? Your Castelli Gabba still stretchy or your favourite Showers Pass shedding through the spring? With a little... Continue Reading →

Tech: Smoother shift trick

For those still on mechanical groups we all know how the cable condition really matters for smooth shifts. Well, have you considered the state of the cable guide at the bottom bracket? Often an overlooked area, this cable guide has a large amount of surface area and can hold dirt and sticky bidon leftovers from... Continue Reading →

Tech: Replacing Cartridge Bearings

Well as you probably know things wear away the more you use them, and also riding in dirt and wet can accelerate the wear process. The wear is what causes your wheels to not turn smoothly (or at all, if its really bad)

Tech: Wheel Bearing Service r1

Rolling smooth? It's only when things are not smooth that we seem to notice as it affects the quality of your ride. Most of this smoothness comes from the mechanics of bearings which allow things to rotate in a controlled and fluid manner. Wheel bearings are some of the many bearings found on a bicycle,... Continue Reading →

Puncturelicious Q&A and Tips

Puncture Repair 101 -If you ride enough, at some point you have to deal with these, otherwise, you get left stranded in the middle of nowhere and we don't want that! Q: What is the most common cause of a puncture? A: Low tyre pressure leading to a pinch flat Q: What are 4 ways... Continue Reading →

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