Cyclists Gift Guide 2021

Six gift ideas! Choosing for cyclist is difficult because they are picky buggers, but most cyclists will be stoked to receive any of these practical tried and tested ideas. These are my personal picks of well tested pieces that are often my go to items. Top picks from ridePDW, ShowersPass, MSW and Vittoria.

Rear Flasher, I hardly even know her

Safety probably trumps dad jokes, thus flashies are always welcomed. These Portland Design Works flashies may look clunkier than some super slick aero models of today, but I find this one to be of overall better design. Sensible light flash modes, super long battery life (usb charge), easy to swap on and off the bike and solidly durable. All of these no fuss features put it top of list.
$35 Daybot by Portland Designworks –

The gentle touch of wool

Woll waterproof gloves – The wool is superb, the style is sophisticated and they are waterproof! – They have a grippy palm and finger so you don’t slide of the brakes, plus they are very stretchy due to the knit and fit like a glove. buh bum. They are perfect for commuters and weekend warriors. These gloves are also great to go hiking in, and probably a few other cool weather outdoorsy things. If you want to dork out – hi-viz are also available all though not wool.
Inside tip – get a larger size than you think you need.
$50 wool $45 hi-viz non wool – Crosspoint Gloves

Nice Headlights

Rechargeable handlebar mounted front flasher. This is a great front light for the city. Rechargeable with great looks. Super slick on the bars of a bike, also very discreet too avoid the crackheads. It has multiple modes of flash, easy to use and waterproof. Small, simple and saves a front end collision in the city. Rubber bungee mounted for a variety of bar sizes. What’s not to like.
$25 MSW USB Cricket Headlight –

Clammy thigh days, gone

Waterproof commuter pants – If your cyclist friend commutes short(er) distances to work these rain pants are the bomb! Durable, easy, hyper functional and can slip over other trousers as need be. They also fold up small for when its dry on your ride home! Ideal for people riding under 10miles.
$100 – Transit Pant – Showerspass.coom

All the road sensations for a bicycle lover

If you want something unconventional, a little quirky and esoteric. Buy them some new inner tubes! yes. They will probably never do this themselves, thus a great lux gift. go buy them two Latex inner tubes. These tubes are luxury, the price reflects that, but the ride feel is top notch. Normal $7 tubes are made from a stiffer butyl rubber, these are latex flex more, ride smoother and a step above regular ones. Best experienced in the summer, when spirits and speeds are high.
~$17 each – Made by Vittoria or Challenge – Local bike store or online

A purse for their bike

The OrNot mini bag is like a little purse for your bike. A perfect size for most bikes. Well made and fashion forward, this bag ensures snacks and keys are always taken. Velcro straps for attachment means it fits any (majority) of handle bars. Road, Mountain, Commuter. With an added benefit of Climate neutral and one for the planet company.
$44 – Handlebar Bag Mini by OrNot –

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