Here are a few tips that I have personally found to make things easier.

  1. If a driver does a good deed for you wave thank you.
  2. Ride close to the side of the road, but not dangerously close.
  3. Ride in single file, drivers hate bunches and two up’s, even if it’s ok with the law, it’s high on the driver irritant list.
  4. If you are cycling up a steep, twisty narrow road at a slow pace, and there is a driver behind you, do the courteous thing and pull off to the side where convenient and let the driver pass by.
  5. If there is a driver behind you for a while because of narrow roads, when the road opens, wave to thank the driver.
  6. Don’t flip drivers off, unless you are certain they will not turn round and run you over. Sucking it up is better than dying.