Classic Portland Routes

Classic Portland cycling routes, organized by different areas of the city and mileage. They offer a solid vibe of Portland areas ridden by many local road riders and are ideal for a quick spin, winter base miles or fun summer spins. Check back frequently for updates.

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South of the city

South of the city offers up some great variation to Portland and often travelling to visually different areas close to Portland. They are great in the winter as the temps are warmer and avoid ice that can build on the east and west.

 East of the city

The East of the city is generally flat until you get further out. The flats on the way out can be a refreshing change of pace and a nice warm up, especially on some fairly taxing routes such as Bull run.

Some further Tickle Creek info and pictures can be found here

West of the city

The West of the city is generally a little more hilly and often starting by climbing. Some fantastic views can be had from several of the well-known places.

Pleasure No treasure – This is probably one of my favourite short punchy rides on sweet local roads. with a ighh amount of climbing, good if you are trying to mix interval training in.

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