Coming Soon : Yakima Racks

Just in time for the summer season. I have been working on a teardown of the latest yakima roof rack. The roof rack is a versatile piece of gear allowing you to carry bikes, skis, snowboards and boats of various sizes. Stay tuned for more info and in the mean time checkout this setup video.

YouTube : Yakima Streamline bars and Tower Setup

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Handcrafted Cycling Caps

If you have been cycling for a while you probably already know some of the functional benefits of an under-the-helmet cap. You have probably also tried a few and found that not all of them are the same. Different fits, brims, shapes and sizes along with materials , prints and colours lead to a lot of variety. Continue reading “Handcrafted Cycling Caps”

Ride this! Deschutes River Trail Oregon

I found this route is pretty chill, the river trail starts at the Deschutes River State Park (just east of the city of The Dalles Oregon.) A flat gravel / rock trail on the East side of the river that used to be a rail line back in 1910, but a competing rail line on the west bank rendered it unnecessary and thus we have an brilliant trail. Continue reading “Ride this! Deschutes River Trail Oregon”

Deep carbon, be prepared

Summer is almost here in the USA. Time to switch out wheels and get those fast deep carbon back on.

Problem : You are crushing along then it happens, you get a flat or your second flat. By accident the current tube you brought was a 48mm valve stem length and needed to be a 60mm to fit your rims! or you have used a tube already and are out of options and you have to borrow one – you flag someone down, they will give you a tube, but it’s a 32mm stem length. How do you get it to work with those 45mm deep carbons? Continue reading “Deep carbon, be prepared”

Waterproofing your cycling garments

The guide to getting more performance and value from your gear.

We spend a lot of time choosing our gear carefully and as we know cycling gear is expensive! especially when it comes to all weather wear. But do you know how to keep your Rapha softshell going strong? Your Castelli Gabba still stretchy or your favourite Showers Pass shedding through the spring? With a little investment in care you can keep top performing gear without going down the path of needing to buy a new jacket. Continue reading “Waterproofing your cycling garments”

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Chrome Kadet Product Review

I have been slinging this guy around the city for a while now. Mainly on small in-city runs to and from meetings where I needed a few essentials but not a massive bag full. Here’s what I found: Continue reading “Chrome Kadet Product Review”

Garmin vs Wahoo computers

Garmin has been kicking it forever in the cycling world. Of recent, Wahoo came on the scene with a couple of killer products and even pro team Bora HansGrohe equipment for in 2018. Continue reading “Garmin vs Wahoo computers”

Dealing with waterproof

Coming soon an in-depth look at tech and dealing with waterproof garments. Use and care and how to get the best from your expensive bike gear. Some tips and tricks straight from Nikwax and a host of fabric tech info. Continue reading “Dealing with waterproof”

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