Made Bike Show 2023 – Ziedell Yards Portland

The highly anticipated annual Made Bike show, is a must-attend event for bike enthusiasts. With a remarkable lineup of over 200 exhibitors, this showcase promises to offer an unprecedented experience for all attendees. Situated in the industrious setting of Ziedell Yards (formerly a ship building factory), this event is sure to impress with its diverse … Read more

Mission Workshop Frame Bag – Slice

In a world full of stodgy overstuffed and floppy bags, this one changes the rules. It's made from X-Pac Polyant VX 21, a waterproof, lightweight, and very strong material with a unique cross-cross pattern. But beyond good looks, the key to this bag is its size. It's not huge, and it's not small. It's just … Read more

The What’s Up Fortnightly – July 21 Edition

We are all soaked up in the Tour, so there's no need to talk about Poggie and how he has lost his legs. But Hey, I've got some good news for you! There's actually a bunch of cool product updates that aren't super dramatic, but still really interesting. Wahoo Roam bike computer - great deal! … Read more

Stephens Canyon Ride

This is a long bike ride for sure, covering almost 100 miles with a moderate amount of uphill and downhill. It's a great choice for the early to middle part of the season. The grades are not steep and there's only two big climbs which are rewarded by some faster descending.. 91Miles / 5,700ft Overview … Read more

Shimano S-Phyre RC9 Cycling Shoe

The Shimano RC9 (903) is Shimano's highest end performance road shoe. It features the latest materials, stiffest sole and up to date BOA system aiming to offer comfort without the expense of performance

Showerspass Rain Wear – Ecolyte Elite Jacket

Snappy colours, well known brand and an eco story. What could go wrong? Showerspass are a local company to me, I know they sell a ton of product and their range has grown year after year. Focused in the waterproof world they have always had high performing and durable garments which tend to be less … Read more

Waterproof Beanie! FTW

When you get something that you didn't know existed and it changes a whole series of things.Is there a word for that? #scoreaunicornproduct The Crosspoint Beanie is one of those game changers.$40 buys you a waterproof beanie which is warm and you can wear in the rain to shield your noggin. It looks identical to … Read more

Disc Brakes 101

Disc brakes are very common nowadays, as an avid cyclist or want to be mechanic you should know about working on them, adjusting and replacing pads. How often do you need to change them? A common mis conception is that disc pads last an incredible mount of time. They don't. I change my pad's twice … Read more

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