Route Dev : Mosier Multisport + Eagle Caves 8.01b

Exploring in the winter months is a double edged sword. On one hand the gravel roads and trails are less dusty, less jarring and you don't get baked from heat so there is less emphasis on water management. But, often you are riding in relatively cold temperatures (36-40 degrees) with raises in elevation, causing dropping... Continue Reading →

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Buckyrides Gift Guide 2018

Top gift ideas for the cycling fanatic in your life. Band of Climbers - for the inspired -Gifts are from $18 to $60 Band of Climbers is a British company that offers ride inspired lifestyle cycling gifts along the lines of prints, mugs, caps and softgoods. From inspirational race quotes to grand tour photos,... Continue Reading →

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Review: Giant Surge Team Road Shoes

Shoes are, undeniably, one of the top 5 items that determine your comfort and power on a bike.  It's important to note that shoes are like gloves because there are lots of shapes, sizes and colours and everyone's preference is slightly different. It sounds obvious but for reviewing purposes but it's also important to point... Continue Reading →

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Local Portland Routes

  10 Great Portland Road Rides A collection of classic Portland cycling routes organized by different areas of the city and mileage. They all start and end close to the city,  offering a solid feel to Portland areas ridden by many local road riders. Ideal for a quick spin, winter base miles or fun summer spins.... Continue Reading →

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Epic Routes

These are a collection of rides I consider epic routes, I contrive a plan  (see the route dev series), then If I like it I ride it again and again tweaking it until it's the best it can be in terms of overall experience and flow. I hope these docs inspire you to go ride.... Continue Reading →

Silca Ypsilon Wrench

Just another Y wrench? Geeking out on some bike tools this week. As with many of Silca's products which catch my eye, their latest tool called Ypsilon - a y wrench I could not resist. (In case you were wondering, Ypsilon is from the 16th century and means the 20th letter of the greek alphabet... Continue Reading →

Knog Blinder LED Bike Light

There's a lot of rechargeable tail lights on the market and the Knog Blinder MOB comes in as one of the top ones. The Knog Blinder is a small, seatposted mounted, no fuss, well designed good looking LED light.

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