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Long term reviews

No messing around here, it’s tested once, twice, 50 times or more. I dive into the nuts and bolts, so you can really get an insight as to what cycling gear you are buying.

SWORKS Vent road shoe – (250 road hour test)

Wahoo Kickr Core – (4 month in use)

SRAM AXS Force 2020

Put through its paces : AXS Force is the the latest and greatest from SRAM, inspired by its top end Red etap group.

Established Gear Reviews

Ornot Work Jersey
Tried and true go to jersey to get the work done, no questions asked

Energy Bar Test
Nutrition, Flavour and no bonking – Details on the best things to stuff in your pockets

Wahoo Element Bolt Stealth, Is the $220 gps cycling computer the best bang for the buck?

SRAM Force 2020, thinking of upgrading consider this AXS wireless group from SRAM

Armband or Cheststrap ?, Which heart-rate monitor is better? take a look at the Wahoo Tickr Fit

Apidura Bikepacking Gear, Fancy an Apidura saddle pack for bike-camping and more of the what not.

Wahoo Kickr , 8 week test of the2019/2020 Core from Wahoo.

Unboxing Kickr, What you get and how well is it is made, right here

Zwifting, Covid amped the craze. Hot or not, is it your thing?

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Routes and Adventures

Marmot 70 Planning, a test route for a triple milage route to be coming soon

Circumnavigate Mt.Hood 2020, a classic route revisited

Coolvid 19, a short but sweet pdx road route

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Cycling & Gear Tips

Chain Guide, check out the guide to fix your common chain woes

Halo Sweatbands for exercise

Waterproofing tips, and how to revitalise and care for your gear

Bike exploring , in the wilderness you need to be prepared and know this

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