Made Bike Show 2023 – Ziedell Yards Portland

The highly anticipated annual Made Bike show, is a must-attend event for bike enthusiasts. With a remarkable lineup of over 200 exhibitors, this showcase promises to offer an unprecedented experience for all attendees. Situated in the industrious setting of Ziedell Yards (formerly a ship building factory), this event is sure to impress with its diverse … Read more

Interbike 2017 – Trend & New Products

Last week I headed to Interbike Vegas 2017, where cycling industry veterans gathered to show off the latest trends and technology in cycling. The first two days of Interbike was Outdoor Demo, where cycling industry pro's get to view and ride new bicycles, followed by three days of tradeshow. With three exhibition halls full of … Read more

The better half perspective- Festive 500

Christmas is a time for family, giving unto others, eating lots of comforting foods, chilly days spent by the fire and, in my household, the Rapha Festive 500. As if Christmas and the New Year holidays aren't stressful enough with family and friends, making sure all of the last minute shopping is complete and coordinating … Read more

Rapha Festive 500

Epic, amazing or telling the world a "hard man" cycling story is not my take on Festive 500, for me it's about perseverance and conquering while finding the reward in both mental and cycling fitness.

#coffeeonthecolumbia #6

Friday is said to be a tad chillier than the past, so what better way to warm up than with a sprightly jaunt up the hill to Rocky Butte for coffee and donuts. Rocky Butte : 7:15am Meet us up there at Friday 16th for coffee, donuts, sick views and good times to encourage your Friday … Read more

How to ride gravel

Being mainly a road / gravel rider nowadays, but having experience on a mountain and cyclocross bikes, I pulled together several years of experience to produce these tips that will help you with the daunting thought of riding gravel at speed. Gravel Riding Tips 1) Slow Down - it's all too easy to think the … Read more

Ride This! Petal Pedal ride

There's something good to be said for a simple yet highly rewarding bike ride. If you have ever wanted a day on the bike,  a simple day with lots of camaraderie and beautiful views, but you don't want to climb up steep mountain passes or to have to think about where to get water, food, or … Read more

2016 Rapha NW Brevet

A brevet? In the days of old, back before carbon fibre, people used to ride bikes long distances. These rides were unsupported, exploring their own routes, riders fending for themselves, carrying their own gear and occasionally checking in at set points. This long distance grueling and rewarding activity was called randonneuring and people took parts in events called … Read more

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