Epic Routes

These are a collection of rides I consider epic routes, I contrive a plan  (see the route dev series), then If I like it I ride it again and again tweaking it until it's the best it can be in terms of overall experience and flow. I hope these docs inspire you to go ride.... Continue Reading →

Silca Ypsilon Wrench

Just another Y wrench? Geeking out on some bike tools this week. As with many of Silca's products which catch my eye, their latest tool called Ypsilon - a y wrench I could not resist. (In case you were wondering, Ypsilon is from the 16th century and means the 20th letter of the greek alphabet... Continue Reading →

Knog Blinder LED Bike Light

There's a lot of rechargeable tail lights on the market and the Knog Blinder MOB comes in as one of the top ones. The Knog Blinder is a small, seatposted mounted, no fuss, well designed good looking LED light.

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