Disc Brakes 101

Disc brakes are very common nowadays, as an avid cyclist or want to be mechanic you should know about working on them, adjusting and replacing pads. How often do you need to change them? A common mis conception is that disc pads last an incredible mount of time. They don't. I change my pad's twice... Continue Reading →

Ecolyte Elite – Doing right by our planet and people

If you attended outdoor manufacturer shows this year you probably noticed that "eco materials" have reached saturation amongst manufacturers. And that's a good thing! , many company's are heavily vested into introducing or starting to use more "eco" in their future products. I use the term "eco" to mean "environmentally conscious" or "sustainably minded". For... Continue Reading →

Hacks! – Backpack Bike Hack

Fast, Light and spacious, is it even possible? In todays market I say its not readily possible so if you are like me and love a good hack, read on. Are you looking for a small cycling specific design to use in the summer on some longer miles but not be burdened by ultra sweaty back or a distracting wobble?

NoxGear 39g Bluetooth Speaker Review.

Small and light is an understatement - the product's name of 39g doesn't lie. Most of us don't actually know what 39 grams feels like. If you have felt any other Bluetooth speaker, well, the lack of 39g's weight speaks for itself. For comparison a JBL blue tooth speaker weighs 550 grams, and the Boombotix … Read more

Princeton Carbonworks with Chris King R45 Hubs

Pinceton are a newer contender to the wheel market. Facing off with some heavyweights like Zipp, Enve and a whole load of Chinese open mould knock offs. I'm fortunate to be able to compare this new set of Princeton Carbonworks wheels to some long term other carbons I have been riding. If you haven't heard … Read more

A guide to 10, 11, 12 and 13! Speed

Microspline, HG, XD and XDR what fits? What fits? -sometimes the most challenging question on the technical side of bikes today. With every major brand offering several generations of gears and hubs it can get confusing quickly. The easiest way to narrow this down is by Manufacturer / Brand and what each brand does then … Read more

Route: Columbia County Sesh

Mainly a road ride, this one has been in my good books for a long time. A solid 80 miler starting near Scappoose Oregon, with challenging climbs and twisty descents, comes in with a sweet downhill finish.

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