Apidura Saddle Bag

If you're considering any type of multi day trip or even a simple overnighter, you need to be able to transport¬†the right gear plus the essentials to ensure you are bike prepared but also comfortable¬†for unexpected conditions. First off, i'm no expert in bike¬†bags. But that's¬†what makes¬†this review good¬†-¬†a fresh viewpoint. I am savvy enough... Continue Reading →

2016 Rapha NW Brevet

A brevet? In the days of old, back before carbon fibre, people used to ride bikes long distances. These rides were unsupported, exploring their own routes, riders fending for themselves, carrying¬†their own gear and occasionally checking¬†in at set points. This long distance grueling and rewarding activity was called randonneuring¬†and people took parts in events called... Continue Reading →

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