Tech: Replacing Cartridge Bearings

Well as you probably know things wear away the more you use them, and also riding in dirt and wet can accelerate the wear process. The wear is what causes your wheels to not turn smoothly (or at all, if its really bad)

Dalles Mountain 60 Ride

The Dalles mountain 60 route is a staple in cyclists books. Amazing views and a mixture of road and gravel make for a killer ride. This year we decided to ride it the day after the March 11th organised / unorganised ride due to conflicts and the chance of a lot better weather the next... Continue Reading →

Bike and trailer that is affordable for the many

IKEA bikes are here! , there has been a lot of rumours about them for quite some time, some from advocates and some from grumpy elitist haters! In the time tradition manner of IKEA they will be high value and will appeal to some people, but probably not all. My perspective on cycling in general is... Continue Reading →

A Beacon of Light by Showers Pass

A confidence-inspiring safety first commuter jacket, no detail left unturned and if you do a lot of dusk or night time commuting could save your bacon due to the outstanding reflective material.

Timberline Bike Park. Still battling tape even after approval, years ago :(

I recently saw this letter and decided to share, do what you must:- Steve Kruse is the GM of Timberline. As cycling advocates you will be interested to read on: As most of you are aware, the Timberline Bike Park proposal was approved in 2012 following 2 years of environmental studies, resulting in a comprehensive Environmental... Continue Reading →

Single Speed Heaven

A single speed / commuter guide. I was recently shopping for a single speed bicycle one of the biggest attraction was low maintenence during winter (or mud if you are into cyclocross) , I needed a bike that is well thought out and reliable to get through my commute . There are a ton of different... Continue Reading →

Shimano XC-70 MTB Shoe

With so many options on the market there are a lot of "so-so" or "yeah it works" shoes. But if you know the inside scoop you will score some that are smashingly good. First impressions, I have used Sidi, Specialized, Giro and now just getting my hands on these Shimano - XC-70 m.s.r.p $269, (but you can get them... Continue Reading →

Vernonia Century

Vernonia Century - The 115mile Portland, Timber, Vernonia, Scappoose classic This is one of those rides; a staple or a "classic" of the area. On the longer side, but a perfect mid to late season ride when fitness is high. The Vernonia Century has well paced climbs with 6000ft over 115miles, provides some good ups, some nice... Continue Reading →

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