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Product Review Showers Pass Cloudburst running jacket

Product Review – ShowersPass new running jacket – Cloudburst

Product Review

Showers Pass – Crosspoint Ultralight Waterproof Socks

With an abundance of refinement comes the 3rd generation sock waterproof sock. The construction / makeup of the sock are somewhat similar, but the product outcome is a lot better and delivers on its promise. I was a little skeptical at first, having used the first generation sock which was a strange feeling of a […]


Wahoo Rival Multisport Watch

I have been a big fan of Wahoo ever since I got frustrated with awful user interfaces of Garmin (years past). Just the other night I was looking at Garmin’s multi-sport wrist devices with my eye on something that is better for my runs than just my iphone. This morning I get a great e […]