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XDr ? Are you making the switch to 1x? or going for more gear range?

You may have heard of this thing called XDr, So what’s all the hype? I decided to lay down some practical XDr knowledge.


A Month in Portland with the Gazelle EasyFlow

Walton is a great guy and we have a shared interest in bikes and industrial design. I met Walton when track racing at the Alpenrose Velodrome in Portland Oregon and it’s great to see this story of how technologies like Shimano’s can help. Reposted article from the Shimano blog.

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Winter Boots – Shimano MW7 2017/2018

  I’m in my second year of this boot now. Last weekend I completed a 6hr, 38degree ride in them, complete with a stream crossing, rain and about 4 miles of bike hiking in the snow (see buckyrides on facebook for pictures). I can still say that they live up to their glory.

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BlackSnow 2016

Snaps and one-liners from the hammer saddle

Product Review

Shimano XC-70 MTB Shoe

With so many options on the market there are a lot of “so-so” or “yeah it works” shoes. But if you know the inside scoop you will score some that are smashingly good.