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Gravel exploring, It’s all good, until it’s not

Bike exploring and gravel riding tips and recommendations before it all goes a bit pete tong. Early on I made mistakes, let’s just say a lot of mistakes. As I became more interested in gravel / trail riding and route creation I learned. I changed equipment and started being more prepared. Exploring in remote unknown […]

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Autumn Cycling Tips

OK! Summer has been in full swing, but let’s think ahead to Autumn (or Fall as they like to say in America). Over several years of cycling in the Pacific North West I have learned a few things about this Autumn game.

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The clever puncture kit you need

Don’t get stuck, here’s the essential kit

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How to ride gravel

Being mainly a road / gravel rider nowadays, but having experience on a mountain and cyclocross bikes, I pulled together several years of experience to produce these tips that will help you with the daunting thought of riding gravel at speed.