Tips: Patching Latex Inner Tubes

A quick post for users of latex inner tubes. Using this method, I fixed latex inner tubes and its proven out with 5 months on the road, no problem. What you need A donor latex tubeSharp scissors or knife.Regular vulcanizing glue / patch glue Rema vulcanization glue Method Find the hole, this can be tricky … Read more

Not a Park Tool, but Silca Ypsilon Wrench

Just another Y wrench? Geeking out on some bike tools this week. As with many of Silca's products which catch my eye, their latest tool called Ypsilon - a y wrench I could not resist. (In case you were wondering, Ypsilon is from the 16th century and means the 20th letter of the greek alphabet … Read more

Review : A worthy trail tool? Wolftooth Pack Pliers

After a great experience with Wolftooth re-mote dropper lever, I was excited to get my hands on these Wolftooth pack-pliers. It's the kinda thing that the bike nerds in us love, precisely engineered, unique and functional with an aura of cool. This small-sized lightweight tool packs some punches. This is designed to be carried in … Read more

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