Princeton Carbonworks with Chris King R45 Hubs

Pinceton are a newer contender to the wheel market. Facing off with some heavyweights like Zipp, Enve and a whole load of Chinese open mould knock offs. I'm fortunate to be able to compare this new set of Princeton Carbonworks wheels to some long term other carbons I have been riding. If you haven't heard … Read more

Alpinist CL Wheels – 1300g Disc Carbon $1600 ! (?)

So much good right here! 1300g Disc, Shallow carbon, hooked rim, external nipples for $1600. What? Alpinist ultra-light 1365 gram wheelset. Roval's new Alpinist CL pairs the climbing pedigree of the featherweight Alpinist rim with workhorse DT Swiss 350-series hubs and gossamer DT Swiss Aerolite spokes. The new Alpinist rim technology has already proven itself … Read more

The why and how of servicing your wheels

It's one of those things that should happen at least once a year, but if you are like me you find many excuses to push it off. The main reasons for a service : Your wheels will last longer before failure or expensive repair.Your wheels will feel smoother and roll faster.You will have more reliable … Read more

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