Zwift or Swiffer? They can both clean the floor with you.

Zwift, Smart trainers, power trainers, thumbsup, Zwifting, FTP, Watopia and workouts – what does all this mean? Continue reading “Zwift or Swiffer? They can both clean the floor with you.”

You could be shivering, ornot.

ornot_clothes_01 sm

Pretty psyched for a change of season I ordered up some new gear. I needed some new colder weather stuff and wanted to try something different from Ornot, a smaller San Fransisco company that has been around four years now. Continue reading “You could be shivering, ornot.”

VIBE LED Lights – be seen, be safe

Light and Motion is a California based company that has been manufacturing lights for 28 yrs. Founded in 1989 by a pair of Stanford graduates who started the company from a passion of SCUBA diving and underwater photography, the products are designed, assembled and tested in Monterey and what they cannot make themselves they outsource to USA suppliers and a small percentage to specialists overseas then brought back to California – think similar to Apple’s strategy. With a strong line of lights for water sports, running and hiking, L&M also serves the cyclists with products from urban to ultra high power mountain biking models.

Continue reading “VIBE LED Lights – be seen, be safe”

Winter Cycling Tips

Due to the extremity of conditions riding in winter forces you to learn tips and tricks fast. Dressing for winter can be perplexing, that mixture of wet plus cold and the increments within it that can make or break a ride. Here is my tested take after a few years riding in the Pac NW. Continue reading “Winter Cycling Tips”

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