Showerspass Rain Wear – Ecolyte Elite Jacket

Snappy colours, well known brand and an eco story. What could go wrong? Showerspass are a local company to me, I know they sell a ton of product and their range has grown year after year. Focused in the waterproof world they have always had high performing and durable garments which tend to be less … Read more

Waterproof Beanie! FTW

When you get something that you didn't know existed and it changes a whole series of things.Is there a word for that? #scoreaunicornproduct The Crosspoint Beanie is one of those game changers.$40 buys you a waterproof beanie which is warm and you can wear in the rain to shield your noggin. It looks identical to … Read more

Product Review: Apex – Marino Wool Tech Tee

The Apex Tech Tee is designed to be worn as a single layer, perfect for summer. I have always been a fan of wool as three season base layers so you could use this either way. The moisture wicking, anti smell and eco properties make wool great for garments. Using this as a base layer … Read more

Work Jersey by Ornot

Quick review on the Work jersey It's somewhat difficult to write about a jersey, generally I have a tendency think they are somewhat nondescript items, but really there is quite a lot of detail, when you get down to it. After using the Ornot Work Jersey for a while and comparing it to other jerseys … Read more

You could be shivering, ornot.

Pretty psyched for a change of season I ordered up some new gear. I needed some new colder weather stuff and wanted to try something different from Ornot, a smaller San Fransisco company that has been around four years now. Their brand stuck in my mind from the play on words in Ornot's clever campaign … Read more

Castelli Tempesta Shoe Covers

Probably the best shoe cover I have used to-date Update: April 26th Since my initial review I have tested these covers with several other shoes to find good results. With Shimano and Rapha road shoes the covers lip on a little easier than wider style mtb shoes. I have also tried these with Sidi Dominators … Read more

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