Route: Appleton 53

This is multi-surface ride can be ridden on a road bike with 28’s or a gravel bike with as big of a tyre as you like. It has a good amount of climbing and explores some great areas of WA close to Coyote Wall in the Oregon gorge.

My main premise was to connected a super great gravel climb of Fischer’s Hill with some backroads and a killer descent back into Lyle area. Mixing road and light gravel and a smidge of smooth trail.

East Bound to Lyle

The first part of the ride heads East towards Lyle just under Cayote Wall area. Smooth top road for a good look at the gorge, a nice few miles warm up before some climbing.

Up all the Hills

When at Lyle the route pitches upwards, and this is by far one of the best climbs in this area. Ascending 2300ft over 10miles, the lower part is the steepest switchback section with amazing views. The terrain is small gravel on a wide-ish road. A great climb, one that I’m never bored of doing again and again. The upper part levels off and has a nice tree canopy before the next turn.

(Wild) West Bound

You turn off gravel and initially for a few miles the road is smooth, which then transitions to gravel, then to double track. This section can get a little bit “explory” and I really suggest you ride this when it has been dry for a while. It would be absolutely terrible in the wet, but there is an easy work around should you encounter problems.

A turn onto Staats road, and it leads you through a blown out deforested area with a killer view of mt. Adams. It sounds terrible but is actually quite cool looking landscape. This area was probably logged 15years ago, which created this look. The sweeping gravel road leads to a slightly bumpy descent before cutting onto to Rattlesnake Rd which is flat and chill.

Weldon Wagon Trail

After riding through the only town on the route (Husum, WA), we head east briefly via a famous trail. At around mile 40 a ride up Weldon Wagon Trail kicks in. Weldon Wagon trail is a well worn single track trail that people hike up nowadays. Originally created to connect two areas with the intention of becoming a road, which it never did. It has amazing views and exposed on one side, but notably to us, its one of the only connectors to get over to where we are going. Prepare yourself for this one, at the bottom its a bit rocky when you go through the gate. Overall its 12000ft in 3miles, its totally ridable but it’s also ok to walk your bike on the steep bits. You could potentially take a long route around this, but really you would be missing a great part even if you walked the whole 3 miles it would be worth it.

TIP: Don’t hang out too long at the end of the wagon trail, its full of mosquitos around there!

The Finish

The last 13 or so miles after the Wagon Trail are pretty chill. All the work is done and with a nice 5 mile smooth road decent to finish. I’m a big fan of a nice descent to finish, especially with a view like this.

Ride by the numbers

53miles and 6000ft

Bike: Road bike with at least 28c or Gravel bike 35-40c. I rode this on 30c Road bike.
Services: Well theres not much. Husum, WA is the only town and theres close to nothing there. I managed to ride this route on two bottles but 3 would have been good. A few options come to mind, small portable water filter, since Rattlesnake River and White River are right there in Husum, or a venture into the towns hotels to raid the vending machine / inside store.

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