Review: Sportful Supergiaria Kit

Castelli, parent company of Sportful sent me a gravel / endurance kit to review.


All the Sportful products are designed and made in Italy in the region of Fonzaso, which is about 50miles North West of Venice. The materials come from Italian mills and are packaged in Italy. Sizing is very close to Castelli, meaning its based on a smaller Western European sizing, so that if you are tall yet skinny, you are probably a Large. Im 6ft 3 and 73kg and Large is right about perfect.

The Supergiaria line is aimed at gravel or long distance riders, with a combination of an all day chamois and features such as pockets in the bib shorts and extra reflective trim for those 12 or 18hrs rides where you dip into dusk. I tested a few items of clothing from the this new Sportfull line. The emphasis here being more on the lines of all day riding vs racing.

Sportful Supergiaria Bib Shorts

The shorts are of a high quality $180 offering. Which sit towards the high end, but not quite the tippy top. They use quality materials and design to differentiate. As shown model is 6ft 3, 74kg and wearing a size large.

The plus points.

I really liked the reflective hits on the legs, they were not overdone and super overt but large and functional. The shorts have several pockets one large one in the left leg, just like many brands cargo bibs nowadays and two on the bib straps on the back, just beneath the jersey.

The pockets on the back of the shorts were positioned nicely, smaller and out of the way.m. Good for stashing 2-3 secret gels, but not for frequent access as they are under the jersey. The leg pocket is positioned great, but don’t overload it.

The chamois is designed for long days, I got to test it for a max of 5hrs riding, 8hrs wear. It’s multi layered and tapered in thickness, I never found it to feel like a big cumerbsome pad which some can when new. It breathes well, fits well and I didn’t find any adverse issues.

The minus points.

Not super impressed with the fit of the shorts. The inseam is a lot too long. I’m wearing a size Large and have pretty long legs, but still the elastic gripper came too far down and sat in the back of my knee being very irritating and distracting. I ended up rolling the shorts up by a good 40mm every time I wore them, not a good scenario as the pressure points are then all changed, plus it looks a bit janky. The bib straps are the inverse and are a scosh too short for me, but I am long skinny body. Yes there is a rational reason the straps should feel tight when standing, it’s to give a better on bike fit, as your core is crunched up – but these ones are over done.

Note:The cummerbund area is high on these shorts, im assuming this is for protection – I am indifferent here but some may like shorts with a lower waist and some may prefer the protection of a higher material, just worth pointing out.

Sportful Escape Supergiaria Jersey.

The jersey comes in at $140 which sets it right in the middle. Its not Rapha pro team $165 expensive and its not a $100 cheapy polyester jersey.
The jersey is box cut in the shoulders instead of raglan. It’s made completely from Polyester, as normally with this type of cut there is some elastane mix in the material to help stretch and fit, but this didn’t seem to be an issue for the Sportful garment, it stretches and fits great.

The plus points.

I loved the style of the jersey, the print is on point and fashionable. The sleeve length is great and doesn’t stretch and overall the jersey breathes well with the perforated material.
I found the fit to be good and not too boxy or awkward for my shoulder type. It has has some nice features such as double pockets on the back (yes 6!). The functionality of the six pockets vs three, I’m on the fence. Because in our minds we are used to navigating three pockets without thinking too hard, in certain situations while riding I couldn’t find stuff, and that was annoying. The height of the pockets was great and theres even a silicone gripper on the inside jersey hem, should you load them up, this will stop the pockets moving so much on bumpy descents.
The YKK zipper is robust and no problems, easy to locate while riding and never snags.

The minus points.

Not a lot other than the three vs six pocket navigation thing.
Maybe a small zippered security pocket would be great, but I often say that on all my jersey reviews.

Sportful Escape Supergiaria Socks.

With the same print as the jersey, and a logo on the rear the combo looks tight together. The socks are a fashionable longer length about 15cm. Sportful say they are sewn from an anti-bacterial yarn, but really I didn’t find any difference to any other main brand sock. Nothing massive to write home about here. Socks are socks, these feel pretty regular (not a bad thing) and you should get matchy ones for your jersey. 🙂

6ft 3″ 63kg- Size Large Jersey, Shorts and Socks.


The jersey is great, I like it a lot no problems there. As for the shorts you really want to try these on, the functionality and material build is great, but the length of them for me did not work at all and was a deal breaker.

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