Waterproof Beanie! FTW

When you get something that you didn’t know existed and it changes a whole series of things.
Is there a word for that? #scoreaunicornproduct

The Crosspoint Beanie is one of those game changers.
$40 buys you a waterproof beanie which is warm and you can wear in the rain to shield your noggin. It looks identical to non waterproof varieties, but is much better!

It’s almost not even a bike thing. A smidge too thick to fit under your helmet, but maybe if you are scootching around town helmet free this would work. TBH, I’m sorta wearing it for everything else! walking the dog in the rain, pairing it with a hoodless waterproof jacket. Commuting to work on the metro on none bike days. Exploring mountains with it. Fantastic for snowing ski days as it keeps you warm and dry.

Did someone say HOLIDAY GIFT?

Uses the same showers pass tech, a polyurethane membrane knitted into a cap. Same deal as the socks.

Brought to you from the crew at Showerspass who are developing gear with a mind for the environment here

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