Work Jersey by Ornot

Quick review on the Work jersey

It’s somewhat difficult to write about a jersey, generally I have a tendency think they are somewhat nondescript items, but really there is quite a lot of detail, when you get down to it.

After using the Ornot Work Jersey for a while and comparing it to other jerseys and materials, I understand why Ornot chose this name. It is a dependable and versatile jersey. It is not overly designed, attention-seeking, or made with delicate materials. This is a simple yet effective jersey that can be worn for any ride without any hassle. That, in itself, is quite impressive.

Designed and made in the USA, the actual material comes from other countries (most of it does because that’s where all the fabric factories are now). Ornot hires people in the USA to cut and sew the material into jerseys is a nice detail, contributing to the skill level of our economy.

Technical details

As for the actual technical details of the jersey, you might think there is nothing particularly out of the ordinary. Constructed well from a fairly standard 100% polyester fabric with nice print. It breathes well and is designed to close fit (not skin tight). The three back pockets are a great height, not too deep that you have to over crook your arm. Bottomed off with a lower silicone gripper. The specialness comes through in the combination of well designed but not super fancy details.

The look is minimally branded, with a close but not tight fit and the sleeve lengths are on point. (for the fussy they are 8.5″ in length from a raglan shoulder) The collar is on the smaller side but not non existent, which is also on current cycling attire point and colours are in line with fashion and forward thinking. (mine is Marine, but available in several colourways). The main body material has a semi perforated feel that you can see in the close up images below.

I don’t always expect to find a pocket with a zipper on a jersey but when I do it’s a nice touch. Some jerseys have a small area in their pockets that can be zippered or folded under. Unfortunately, this jersey doesn’t have that feature. I know that adding a zipper can make sewing more complicated and increase the cost, so it’s not essential for me and honest to the no fuss work ethic of this jersey.


I think the Ornot work jersey is good value for something with all this goodness and is made in the USA for $98. I often find myself reaching for this jersey for many rides, its easy and I know it looks great and works awesome.


I’m a slender person with a smaller size chest, around 37″. the medium fits me great. The jersey is cut so you can size up no problem, if feeling the slightly looser fit.

Links and further details

Ornot are also Climate Neutral Certified brand and 1% for the planet member. Does it get better?

See more details here:

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