Chenoweth Upness

This is a good one, maybe even a great one in fall. This route has a lot of great views of the Columbia gorge, Plateau views of Mosier and high mountain views over the valleys of The Dalles. The roads are well paved and wide gravel roads making for an uplifting vibe for a short simple ride. – but, I will warn you there is one section where you have to earn it 🙂 no free rides.

The route is 33 miles round trip starting in Mosier, Oregon or you could start in Hood River to make it 48 miles. The highlights of the route as you will see in the photos, are that it takes in some classic road sights with some amazing off road / gravel viewpoints. 50% road, 50% gravel, mostly the smooth mellow kind. The bonus is the finish is mild downhill, flowy gravel and super relaxing.

If you ride this in the early fall, you are in for a massive treat, the Chenoweth rd climb (1/2 way through) is amazing with fall colours. That’s why going up it is good ! as you really take in all the beauty. Year 2020 I missed the fall vibe this year as I rode it a bit later than planned – mid October and I think all the smoke from the fires had an effect on the trees. But look below for prior years spectacular fall vibes.


Start and finish Mosier (33m) : Ride with GPS Route Here

Start and Finish Hood River (48m) : Ride with GPS Route here (starts at KickStand coffee / dirt fingers bike shop area)


Starting in Mosier there is a great public parking area, that can hold many. Also a stones throw from MoCo which is a great brewpub for the finish (check open times, as of writing they were only open fri, sat Sun). There is the possibility you can ride this in reverse, I have done so many times, but I feel clock wise around is the best way, even though you pay for it a tad more in a little bit steeper climb. the good overweighs the bad though.

Duration: if you take your time and snap photos, the Mosier route will take 2.5 – 3.5hrs. The only food or water stop on this ride is in The Dalles at around mile 15 (Mosier start). If you carry two bottles, you wont really need to stop.

Weather: Word of warning, fall or winter riding, check the weather and pack layers- because you are moving between climate zones it’s easy to get caught out. Even if you start in the sun, I always recommend taking some sort of a light weight emergency jacket. Another thing to note, in spots Chenoweth road can be a little more primative and dirt riding Chenoweth road this very heavy rains might not be a good thing as far as mud as it is not suited for good drainage.

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    1. Not too bad either, here are some pro’s and cons. Clockwise – the road descent off Rowena is dope, if in fall the climb up Chenoweth is amazing for the tree colors. Anti Clockwise – off the bat long climb up Dry Creek Road, if Chenoweth is rough (I have not been for a while) it will be slow on the way down, can get rutty which you don’t notice while climbing, The climb up to Rowena is a good road climb with view reward. My pick is Clockwise, esp if Fall.

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