10 Great Portland Road Rides

A collection of classic Portland cycling routes organized by different areas of the city and mileage. They all start and end close to the city,  offering a solid feel to Portland areas ridden by many local road riders. Ideal for a quick spin, winter base miles or fun summer spins. For more epic full day rides, please check out the Epic Routes.

1. Pleasure no Treasure

29m – Punchy – 3200ft : West Loops

Pleasure No Treasure – This is probably one of my favourite short punchy rides on sweet local roads. With a high amount of climbing, good if you are trying to mix interval training in. This ride also captures two classic view areas Pittock Mansion and Council Crest. This ride can easily be modified by removing some loops.

2. Rock Creek Classic

35m – Rolly – 3,000ft : North West Lollipop

Rock Creek is a staple for roadies wanting a shorter workout with fewer cars and a nice mix of hills and rollers. Ride it as hard as you like, the pleasure is up to you to define on this one.

3. Forest Park Shred

35m – Dirt Shred : North West Loops

Most of my routes in the classics are road, but Dirt Shred? No problems, check out this close in ride to get your fix. It’s mainly firelanes, but super fun on a CX bike or maybe hardtail mtb. With some fast downhill rippers and some testing punchy nutty techy climbs.

4. Lake o Loop

38m  – Rolling – South Loop: 2,200ft

O Loop Classic is a great ride, short and sweet which passes through of a mix of unique suburbs including Lake Oswego and Oregon City for a change of pace.

5. Boring and back

40-90m – East- Flat – Out & Back East

You want a simple flat-ish car free ride. This smooth top multi-use trail (no motor vehicles) goes out for over 20miles to Boring Oregon. You can stop and turn around at any point, but at the end of the Trail in Boring, there is water, restrooms and a store.

6. Vista House

50m – Moderate Hilly – 1,800ft : East Out and Back

Riding into the gorge is always breathtaking, the old historic highway 30 is popular in the summer with cyclists. The ride offers amazing views from the Women’s Forum and Vista House along with gradual climbs and multiple route variations. One thing to watch out for in high season, the locals of Corbett (which you pass through) can be pretty aggressive with their driving and the roads narrow in points.

7. O Canby Ferry Loop

54m – Rolly – 3,100ft : South Loop

8. Tickle Creek

60m – Rolly – 2,500ft : East Loop

Tickle Creek is one of those more meandering rides, good in any season, not too far from stops and explores some lesser travelled roads. Some further Tickle Creek info and pictures can be found here

9. Bull Run Especial

68m – Hilly -3,200ft : East Loop

Bull Run to the East of Portland covers amazing idyllic road climbs and drops to rivers. This ride has a good amount of elevation gain so beware, but this ride has to be experienced to be believed, a true classic to the area.

10. Larch Up Mountain

84m – Sustained Hilly – 4,300ft : East Out and back

Larch Mountain is an extension from the ride above. The actual Larch mountain climb is brilliant, deep in woods, winding and a challenging climb. but be aware it’s 14miles of climbing and 3000ft just in that one climb. But the views from the top are amazing and the descent is a piece of cake.

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