Tool Roll Color Guide

This web page supports my etsy site. It should give you an idea of colour combinations. Since 100% of my orders are custom, if you don’t see it here I can likely get the color material combination you desire.

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Whats up with v9?

You might be asking whats with this new design of tool roll? answer -I made three largish improvements.
Firstly. I trimmed the ear on the left hand side, I did this so so when you wrap it up on your bike it looks neater and there is no floppy ear, which can sometimes occur depending on the contents.

Secondly. I stitched the left hand side near the trimmed ear. This does a couple of things. It makes that pocket more secure / enclosed so there isless chance of anything falling out, and it also acts like a natural spring to close the rest of the flap in my Third point.

Thirdly. Because the flap now held itself, I got rid of the velcro and the loop. This made for a cleaner look and ensured coverage.

All in all. I these are improvements with a little compromise of usability, but I think its worth it. What do you think?

Top Tube Pad

Funky Top Tube Pad

Camo Strap option available

NEW : I have some really nice straps for custom jobs. Normally I use a military grade black strap on a B-Roll but this multi camo is pretty rad looking . I used it on an olive / black combo below.

Wine and Bubblegum

Olive, Camo and Moss

Wine and Antwerp flap

Pink and Purple tool roll

Moss and Grey

Orange, Red Trim Grey Flap

Olive & Orange

Grey with Orange

Grey with Pink Flash


Purple and Cyan trim
Charcoal Grey and Black trim
Neon Pink and Purple trim
Transparent pockets (clear materials has a little stretch but wont rip)

Neon Pink and Black

Navy Blue with Black trim

Black and Wine

(P) Pocket Roll

PocketRoll in Orange with Purple trim
PocketRoll – Orange with Cyan trim
PocketRoll – Ocean Blue with Purple trim

The color palettes


Main Body: Cordura 1000D

Pockets: Ripstop pockets or pvc transparent
Trim: nylon (black / grey) or polyester (other colours)

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