Coming soon… Noxgear 39g vs Boombotix bluetooth speaker review for cyclists

Having commuted by bicycle for a log time, I am familiar with needing something to break up the monotony. Over several years, some of my commutes have been short and flat, and some long and rather hilly. The longer commutes I always ended up finding a need to break up the routine.

I turned to listening to music, podcasts, radioshows.
Initially I used earbuds but given that they cancel so much road noise out, I started to lose the sense of traffic behind me, this didn’t make me feel overly comfortable.
Not too long before I ended up chopping off one ear bud and just using one, then progressing on to carry a bluetooth speaker.

One of the bigger innovations several years back were a company called Boombotix, they made small, lightweight bluetooth speakers that had a great attachment system, especially for cyclists. They had a couple of different models but both had built in substantial clips to attach to a backpack or shoulder strap. This meant you could play music and due to the proximity to your ear you weren’t transmitting it to the world, and looking like that guy.


The PRO is a larger size speaker and had better bass than the smaller size REX below.

The REX is much smaller, less bass and much lighter, I think a better choice for cyclists use.

Loudness: 94dB@2ft (wired)/90dB@2ft (wireless)
Battery: Rechargeable Lithium-Ion
Runtime: approximately 6 Hours*
Charging: One Hour
Dimensions: 85mm(w) x 80mm(h) x 54mm(d)
H2O Resistance: IPX5 (ok in light rain/snow)
Audio Input/Output: 2x 1/8″/3.5mm female jack
Power: 2x3W
Controls: Track Control, Speakerphone, Volume
*Runtime varies depending on volume and other factors

Noxgear 39g

As of writing this review, I noticed that Boombotix seems to be set to go out of business. Not a lot of their products are available anymore.
Of recent I found a new bluetooth speaker called a 39g made by a company called NoxGear. They called it this because it weighs 39grams. Their target market seems to be runners, but this seems like a good idea for cyclists also. A lot of the product attributes fit perfectly for someone needing a small commuter speaker.

Some of the interesting features are of course the super light weight, 12+hr battery and the magnetic sport clip.
I will be shortly getting my hands on one and testing for review.


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