Ekrin Bantam & Percussive Massagers for cycling recovery

I’m always looking for effective ways for my cycling recovery. I had written a couple of reviews of great products like Icelegs because I believe in the advantages of good recovery, which allows me to feel better, ride more, and optimally lets my muscles grow and develop.

In recent years, there has been a significant increase in the recognition of health and wellness. This has led to more and more products in the market aimed at fulfilling these needs. The field for massagers has grown rapidly, some brands have become the names for categories.

The health benefits

A lot of chiropractors and physical therapists use massage tools and general health benefits include increasing fresh blood flow to tissue groups so the muscles can get nutrients they need faster for recovery and growth. Massage also helps by reducing tightness by keeping the muscle fascia / connective tissues supple. Tight muscles and tissue cause pain and restrict range of motion , so definitely don’t make you feel good on the bike if you are riding a lot.

A sea of massagers

When browsing through Amazon, I came across a wide range of massagers. However, I was cautious as not all massagers are created equal. While they may share similar functions, motors, electronics, and batteries, their quality can vary significantly. Differentiating between genuine high-quality products and mere imitations or rebranded can be quite challenging. To ensure I made an informed decision, I conducted extensive research before settling on an Ekrin massager. Its key selling points for me were its refined engineering and the assurance that it did not merely bear a rebranded inexpensive product. To validate this, I borrowed a relatively inexpensive massager, but unfortunately, it did not provide the desired massage experience. Instead, it felt rather rough, almost like it was punching me!

The Ekrin Bantam

In Ekrin’s product lineup the Bantam is classified as a portable massager, which basically means it’s physically smaller than other offerings. My main purchasing criteria wasn’t portability, but all my other specifications checked the boxes, plus after experiencing it the small size and lightweight-ness are very desirable.

The Ekrin Bantam a small powerful rechargeable massager. It has 3 speeds (2000, 2600 and 3200 RPM, I found the two lower speeds to be the most beneficial), and auto off with 10mins of massage at a time. The design of the motor and mechanism make it have a nice action and powerful, if you press it into your skin forcefully, it takes quite a bit of force to stall, meaning it’s proven powerful and can give a deep massage.

USB C charging and doesn’t come with a wall outlet (we all have them already, a nice sustainability move), on the end of the handle is a multi coloured indicator that lets you know how much charge you have. I generally found I could go for 7-10 days before needing to charge, that’s using it every day for 10-15mins. To charge from completely flat to full was about one and a half hours.

Because its a travel version.. it comes in a nice travel foam type case which is about 8x8x2.5″ and has a few interchangeable massage heads. A narrow one that pinpoints areas, one for neck and spine then a flat head and a ball head, which are general shapes. I found myself using the flat head the most.

Thumbs up

The product is well-designed, using high-quality materials, finishes and providing a comfortable grips for massages. The motor system is well-engineered. It doesn’t feel harsh when it moves and vibrates, thanks to its refined acceleration and deceleration. This sets it apart from cheaper products that lack this engineering quality. The powerful motor on the Bantam can provide a deep massage without stalling.

Thumbs down

The battery life of Ekrin’s motorized unit is significantly shorter than what is advertised, lasting only around two hours instead of the claimed six hours. This difference is quite disappointing and raises concerns about the accuracy of their marketing materials.

Left Ekrin Bantam vs $60 Amazon Massager

Massager Recovery

During my summer six-week testing period of using the massager consistently and almost daily, I observed notable effects. One benefit was the sense of relaxation and relief it provided after strenuous cycling sessions or consecutive days on the bike. It effectively alleviated the usual muscle soreness and discomfort, allowing for a more restful sleep at night. Better sleep is a key element if you are riding multiple days or training for an event.

However, it is important to note that while the massager enhanced my post-activity recovery, it did not directly contribute to an increase in on-bike energy levels. Proper nutrition and overall physical well-being affect on bike energy. Therefore, attributing any potential improvements in muscle growth, which can translate into enhanced power and speed, solely to the massager would be an oversimplification. Additionally, it was challenging to isolate the exact impact of the massager on muscle development, as my body was simultaneously adapting and gaining fitness during the early to mid-summer period simply from riding more.


In this category you can spend anywhere from $59 on the cheapy amazon (that you will probably regret) – all the way to $380.
The Ekrin Bantam was $149 and given it’s quality and overall performance I rate it as offering good value for money. Yeah there’s a few drawbacks and mis-marketing on battery life, but this is a good choice with a good motor system.


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