Frequent Questions

Why is this service free?
Bucky loves to ride, and rides a lot. He certainly thought about charging and it’s hard to determine a price, so for now there is no charge. Bucky is pretty certain you will love the rides he takes you on and he’s gonna let you decide what it’s worth in tips alone.

Where is the Liability Waiver?
Everyone who comes with Bucky’s rides must, print and sign a waiver, Bucky will have spares at the ride for you to sign. He will also need your emergency contact information. Waiver info is here

Are the routes flat or hilly?
The answer could be both! It depends on the route, check out the routes pages and they will give you an idea. Some are very flat and easy and others have steeper sections. On the routes page it will give you an idea of the difficulty. Or if you like e mail Bucky and he can suggest something custom to your needs.

Can I keep up aka am I a fast enough?
Bucky has many routes from smaller 15mile routes to 100mile days. Bucky is super fit but appreciates it’s not all about going fast and prefers quality. Bucky likes to stop and take pictures when appropriate, equally if you feel the need to hammer and want a competitor, Bucky will step up and give you a run for sure. It’s all up to you. If the party is larger, then generally we will ride at a moderate pace, stopping and regrouping as needed. If you want a hard fast workout, let Bucky know in advance so he can sleep in his oxygen tent and prepare his legs for a hammer fest.

Where are the road’s / routes?
Many are around portland and Bucky also has some around the mount hood area for amazing scenery.

What are the road conditions like?
The roads are regular roads / streets, most of the routes take low traffic directions and are gems of roads that you would not normally know about. Most of the roads are well kept and smooth. Any exceptions will be noted in the ride detail.

What type of bike do I need?
Preferably a road or hybrid bike. A Mountain bike at a pinch but consult Bucky first on the route you would like to ride, he can advise best. If you are renting a bike, give Bucky a shout he can let you know some good local places.

What if it’s raining?
This is the North West, so theres a good chance of rain for many months of the year. From drizzle t downpours. Bucky is sensible but also like a rain ride, if you want to ride in the rain, so does Bucky. Give him a shout and he can best advise you for wet wether riding.
If you get up and it’s throwing it down and you don’t wish to go, just drop him a line. No sweat. Next time.

What should I bring?
Always have and wear a helmet. Bucky probably will not ride with you if you don’t have one. Plan on bringing and eating 1 nutrition bar per hour of riding. If possible bring two water bottles. There will be stops along the rides to refuel and buy food. But be prepared.
Other good items to bring are a spare inner tube, a pump , and a patch kit. Bucky will also have these things on him but may not have things specific to your personal bike. If in doubt drop Bucky an e mail,


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