Mission Workshop Frame Bag – Slice

In a world full of stodgy overstuffed and floppy bags, this one changes the rules. It’s made from X-Pac Polyant VX 21, a waterproof, lightweight, and very strong material with a unique cross-cross pattern. But beyond good looks, the key to this bag is its size. It’s not huge, and it’s not small. It’s just right.


X-Pac VX21 Material – A technical textile somewhat popular in the outdoor industry made from mainly Nylon 210 denier material with a PU coating. The material is a ripstop shown by the diamonds and is very strong and waterproof.

With several non-scratch Velcro straps (which can be repositioned) and an elastic cord loop, it can be easily and securely attached to all but the smallest of frames.

There are two pockets: a slim one on the left-hand side and a larger, more expansive pocket on the right. In the large pocket, you can hold quite a lot of gear, from a small jacket to tubes and tools. The slim side is perfect for wallets, credit cards, or even a small pump.
In the main compartment, I often stowed a water filter or a sandwich, a spare tube, and another small snack. On the other side, I had my wallet and a mini pump.

The loaded bag fits securely thanks to well-designed straps, but check out the dimensions before purchasing. For the fast adventurers, it’s barely the width of the headtube. It doesn’t interfere with your pedal stroke, and it’s also very aerodynamic.

If you were to team up with a handlebar bag and seat pack you would have a versatile storage system. But when used alone it has plenty of capability for mini adventures and looks slick to boot.

Materials & Manufacturer

The quality is great; the stitching, seams, and material are robust. It looks like it will stand up to a lot of abuse. High-rub areas are reinforced with Hypalon, the grey material at the top and front. It comes in a range of cool colors, and of course, it features the unique aesthetic of the crisscross pattern of the VX 21 material.

Just to note:
All bags have a tendency to move a little. If dirt gets between the strap and the paint, it could cause some damage. If you are particular, have a precious paint job, or have a special finish on your frame, apply some transparent protective tape in the areas where the bag’s straps are. This will prevent some heartache down the road.


The Slice framebag has a volume of 96 cubic inches and weighs 129 grams. As for its dimensions, you can refer to this image for a visual representation: Slice Framebag Dimensions


The size a look are exceptional. At $110, it’s not cheap, but it looks exceptionally fast and clean. It is well-made and will last a long time, thanks to the good materials. And as a bonus, it’s crafted in the USA. It’s hard to find that kind of value.


Slice : MSRP: $110


Volume : 96 Cubic Inches

Weight : 129grams

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