Route Dev : Cloud Cap 03A

Cloud Cap 03A: A taxing dirt road ride that will test your handling skills and fitness, but will reward you with amazing views and arresting landscapes.

This is a progress/development route that I decided to post, normally my routes take a while to build but this was too good not to share some of the ground already covered and will eventually get built into a full ride.

Close to Parkdale Orgeon, Cloud Cap is on the North East / Hood River side of Mt Hood. It serves as one of the highest points at 6000ft and also is home to a mountain rescue station, due it’s close proximity to Langille and Elliot glacier and hiking trails #600.  Cloud Cap Inn built in 1889 is normally closed to the public and has been since the 1950’s, but that doesn’t mean it’s not amazing up there and a great reason to ride up to.


Having ridden up to Cloud Cap three times now, the last time I took a camera and documented some sights.  The road is light gravel transitioning all the way to dang rough, meaning rocky in sections. For riding, you will need a cyclocross type bike with 33c min tyres. Slicks are ok, but you need a fatter tyre than a 28c road.

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  • 10.2 Miles Out
  • Avg 4.7% Grade
  • Elevation Gain 2500ft gain
  • Gravel and small rock sections
  • CX or adventure bike with min 34c
  • Services, none
  • Water, carry your own. No accessible creeks, no water at the top.
  • Route :



  • Amazing landscape and mountain views.
  • Close up experience of the mountain.
  • Full on sense of achievement and landscape wonder!

On interest:

  • Ghost Ridge – mile 8.6
  • Inspiration Point – mile 4.7
  • Views of Mt. hood from Cloud Cap Inn
  • Drinks at Cooper Spur Inn



Gear Selection:

Cyclocross bike: Moots Routt
Tyres: Schwalbe G One 34c – at 38psi – tubeless
Gearing: Compact Road 50/34 and 11/27 rear.
Supplies: Two standard water bottles.


Many options here, I have explored access from Hood River up NF17 then up to Cooper Spur West from 35 to start the climb, also from Parkdale up Cooper Spur South or starting from Cooper Spur Inn which is the base of the climb. But there are many options that could be routed into a longer ride.



Note: Route Dev Series is an inside look of unfinished rides, scouting, reconnaissance etc. Final routes will change.

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