Silca Viaggio – the digital smartphone floor pump

A Silca innovative spin on an old but ever nagging problem – the huge heavy pump.

We all know the feeling, traveling with a bike is a bit of a pain at times, especially if using trains or local transport. Beyond the logistic pains some of the regular tools to get your bike setup are bulky, heavy and take up too much space.

In operation with the Bluetooth app to show pressure readout.

Normal floor pumps aren’t an option when traveling by airplane a hand-pump will have to do. And we all know small hand pumps suck when inflating tyres to 6.5bar. Silca just launched pump to change all that. The Viaggio. The new light weight collapsible pump floor pump with some high end features.


First thing you notice is the lack of pressure dial – No pressure dial is mounted on the pump to save space and weight. The smartphone gauge is driven by a Bluetooth pressure sensor located in the barrel at the base of the pump. This sensor transmits tire pressure data to SILCA’s iGauge smartphone app to within +/-0.5 PSI

The wide aluminium handle provides a good pushing platform, it detaches and clips into the side of the body to reduce the space needed. Cool looking wire shape pump feet that fold into body to reduce packing size.

Wrap it up – the pump includes a waxed canvas fabric wrap style, the pump body cylinder wraps up with the handy tool roll, which can also hold a few other tools such as allen keys.

The roll also holds other tools along with pump

Custom extruded 6061 alloy barrel contains SILCA’s standard full-metal shock piston, traditional Italian leather gasket and Brass check valve for efficiency and smoothness – replacement parts available.
Per silica style, the pump comes with a high quality valve chuck and a 3ft reach.

Is this for you?

If you travel a lot, even if it’s using a automotive vehicle, you will appreciate the space saving design and convenience of this pump. The Viaggo is definitely a high end product aimed at a smaller market, taking no shortcuts this product delivers the Silca experience.

Rolls up to fit in the bike bag or box easily.

The Hard Parts:

Considering Silca is a premium manufacturer with floor pumps starting around $150 to $450! you may not be surprised that with all this tech and lightweight the Viaggio is $279, Definitely a top end pump, where build quality and technology drive the price of this. But if you want a pump to last a while and have high end features this could be you.

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