Watts Up Fortnightly – September Edition

A few new and notable things in the cycling world from the past few weeks.

Upgraded Kickr with movement!

The new Kickr is called Kickr MOVE and has 8″ of fore / aft movement and a smaller side to side. This is to improve some feel when riding in doors and the experience of the bike shifting when you get out of the sadlle or put some power down. the mechanism can be locked out for rigid riding.

This is a good image, you can see the channel where the unit slides back and forth and the squishy rubber things on the arms create some side so side flex.


Carbon E Bike from Moots. – The Express

Im struggling what to say here as it’s quite a controvertial move from a company that made their name in luxuriously made titanium. One thing I do know is the Gravel and E Bikes are not going away.

$9,900 – 100 mile range at 33lbs -Designed, tested, and assembled in Steamboat Springs


If you wish also check out Specialized’s New Creo 2 e Gravel bike, its carbon also and about $9000 in a top end spec: 30lbs up to 5hrs ride time.


Castelli Jack-sey?

A Castelli Jack-Sey ? – yep you guessed it a coss between a Jersey and a Jacket from castelli. Sounds silly but I haven’t tried it. I am a fan of the vest and arm warmers but this may be a great new alternative from castelli.

The naming people might have laid some more thought into this as in the UK Jacksy, or Jacksie (pronounced the same as Jack-sey) means arse.


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