JBucky’s Fav Products of 2017

apidura_frame copy

With so much good stuff on the market this is a tough one, but here are my top 3 things things spring immediately to mind.

Apidura Frame Pack

I spent a lot of time exploring lesser travelled and rough roads in 2017. I also spent a lot of thought on carrying gear, food and water on these adventures, since most of the time I was in the middle of abso-bloody-lutley nowhere and a gas station was not around the corner. I also found the frame bag to be a great way to carry stuff without rattling too much and can pack a lot of gear if needed. Perfect to easily stash a jacket and emergency tools, they come in a variety of sizes and won’t affect access to your water bottles or adversely affect the handling of your bike. Oh and they are also pretty dang aerodynamic for you wattage nerds. 🙂


Ottolock – which can go inside the frame pack!

I use this guy a lot and it’s shear versatility and game changing design put it tops of the list, thus it also means I hardly leave home without it 🙂  Initial Otto review here and details of recent updates here


Almost on the list…

element_boltJumping a category into electronics, I can see the Wahoo Element Bolt being on my list also. But really,  I have not tested it enough yet. I have used Garmin platform for the past 9yrs so I do have something to compare to, but the first impressions are really solid, especially on the ease of use, fast setup and great on the fly navigation. Dustin Klein put together a nice review of the Element Bolt here which really speaks to how much of a Garmin killer this product could be. More to come.

Go on be a cycling devil, tell us your top gear in the comments.


JBucky’s Fav Products of 2017

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