Ride This! Bull Run – Classic Portland Route

One of the tried and true classics of the Portland area – “Bull Run”. This route is East of Portland and the actual road name for the most part is Gordon Creek which runs alongside Sandy River.

Bridge over Bull Run River

Bull Run River is a tributary of the Sandy River, a primary source of drinking water for Portland. The area around Bull Run River is federally protected and conserved making for a nice riding experience. The Devils Backbone as it’s known to the locals because of its twisting, turning undulating profile.

A round trip ride form downtown Portland is in the 60 to 70 mile range depending on specific route. One of the nicest ways is to head out of town is via Marine Drive for great waterside vibe and views of the Mt. Hood. During summer months Marine Drive can be proper windy though, so checking the wind direction is advisable, and an alternate route should be taken using Halsey or Stark if winds are high.

Sandy River

Bull Run is great to ride most times of the year. Summer of course, spring, fall, and even parts of winter. The covered area of Bull Run / Gordon creek provides shade in the summer, but be careful of the leaves in the Autumn.

The route provide here comes back into town via Stark / Burnside (miles 50 to 62). When ridden as the main feature this stretch is not that exciting, but after a few hours of hills and rural joy, the ease and speed of this route back appeals. (average grade of -0.3%)

Alternate routes back into town include, Springwater Corridor which can be connected around mile 44.

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