Product Review : Super wet yet warm? Chilly Grip H2o might be a solid glove for you.

I’m always on the lookout for gear that has innovate ways to solve cycling problems. For me gloves are always an issue. In wetter, cooler climates there is a large need to address many performance characteristics at once. Waterproof, Breathability and Warmth along with Grip, Ergonomics. Even with today’s material innovations these requirements can conflict or there are products out there that address waterproof and warmth well but not breathability. You get my gist it’s like a pick two from a list of three type of game.


$12 at Fred Meyer supermarket!

After having many gloves covering the gamut of materials, neoprene, outdry, goretex, polartec to name a few, I was intrigued by the Chilly Grip H2O. I have had other versions of Chilly Grip gloves, used them in the woods cutting trees and so on, but never waterproof ones.

What appealed to me about this glove was:-

  • Waterproof – looks beyond neoprene level of waterproof. Amazing waterproofness. Essentially a plastic layer.
  • Grip – grippy black surface good for grabbing bars and hoods on a bike
  • Fit – Snug and stretchy, the flexible plastic has a snug feel and contours to the hand well. You will want to try these for size before buying.
  • Insulation: inside synthetic fleece seems warm. Reads as a cooler temp glove, but not thick enough to be called a winter glove. Note: Chilly is not “cold”
  • Breathability – Very low in this case, just like neoprene cycling gloves. The only difference here being that the glove has a flocked lining so it seems like there is some capacity to absorb hand perspiration.
  • Usage: Warmer and super wet is the key here. As soon as the temp gets below 40degrees for me, this glove is too cold.
    (An issue with very waterproof gloves / thin neoprene with little lining is that they don’t breath and your hand can sweat a little and the perspiration on the inside of the glove can get and stay very cold, maintained by the cooler surface temps)

After quite a few rides, this glove performs great in downpours. The underside grip is great and works well on handlebars and levers. For usage conditions – think about the times you are wearing rain pants and this is your glove. The glove does not breath, so if your hands run hot or sweaty, then you are going to have damp hands from the inside depending on the temperature. I found this glove to be perfect for 40 – 55 Degrees and pouring down.


  • Where : grocery or hardware stores
  • Cost : $12
  • Material : Knit body with outside dipped in flexible elastomer plastic (hi viz yellow), second grip dip of a dark nitrile material on palm and fleece liner on inside.
  • Sizes : S to XL
  • Info :

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