Let’s make eye sweat a thing of the past – Halo Sweatband review

I found that during heavy intervals on a trainer the sweat would run down my face and into my eyes. Stinging eyes is never a good experience 🤣. I started using a cotton bandana tied just above my brow, this worked until full saturation which was about 20- 30mins in and then it all ran down my face! rendering the whole thing useless.

A quick web search brought up a bazzmillion headbands including some very inexpensive ones on Amazon (steer clear of those). One brand stood out – Halo. The headbands use a special design that channels the sweat out of your eyes. The bands create a seal just above your eyebrow that diverts moisture to the sides. I went to their website and chose a few models to test. They have a pretty ugly website with way too many product options, so prepare for option paralysis 😀 but this guide should help you get to the good stuff.

I ended up choosing 3 types that I thought were the best fit mainly for indoor cycling, but would also translate into use under a helmet. All three were pullover your head bands and not tie behind designs, this generally works better with helmets and is more comfortable.

Its worth noting that these headbands come in many colours and printed designs. My test ones were black, because you know -black.

Halo Sweatbands for exercise
X3, Halo 2 and Halo Slim at the front
Halo Sweatbands for exercise
X3, Halo 2 and Halo Slim.The Yellow stripe is the sweat seal on the inside of the band.

All 3 designs have a very similar function, just like any headbands – they absorb sweat, the material also wicks and allows sweat to evaporate from the top surface. Halo bands have the unique advantage that they divert sweat away from your eyes. That’s what the flexible yellow strip is on the inside – its a barrier that sits snug on your skin and channels sweat to the side instead of your eyes.

Halo Sweatbands for exercise
X3, Halo 2 and Halo Slim

Halo X3

The Halo X3 is the tallest design and made from two types of fabric. A lighter higher perforated material on the sides and a thicker more absorbent material on the front. The x3 covers a lot (all of my) of your forehead. The x3 is also the only one that came in a choice of size . I am a 59cm and went with the L / XL

Halo Sweatbands for exercise
My partner thinks this is the funniest photo
Halo Sweatbands for exercise

I found in use on an indoor trainer this band was too hot for me, too much forehead coverage. Maybe for running outside I could see this being great. The sweat wicking and absorption were great, lots of material to do this. The sweat diverting technology / seal worked perfect – not one drop in my eyes and the sweat was diverted to the sides of my head. I did note that this band felt slightly larger on my head than the other two and that the sweat channel didn’t quite wrap to my head as well as the others on the sides. Maybe this band is just 1cm too large for me.

  • $19.95
  • 51.6cm Circumference
  • 3 Layer Anti-microbial fabric
  • Available in 2 sizes and 2 colors
  • Product Link

Halo 2

The Halo 2 is about 2″ tall and made from all the same material. The shape is contoured and feels much smaller in height and less cumbersome than the X3.

Halo Sweatbands for exercise
Am I about to cry?
Halo Sweatbands for exercise

The Halo 2 absorbed sweat and channeled it it perfectly, no complaints with this headband. I used this for 2hr workouts and 1hr very intense workouts with not a problem. This version fits under a helmet no problem and still leaves some room at the vents.

  • $14.95
  • 49.2cm Circumference
  • Anti-microbial fabric
  • Available in 16 colors
  • Product Link

Halo Slim

The Halo Slim 1″ is the slimmest of the lot. It’s constructed from the same material and a consistent 1″ all the way around. The Slim also sits low around the back of your head so this model would have the least helmet interference.

Halo Sweatbands for exercise
That Ti Moots in the background looks great
Halo Sweatbands for exercise
  • $12.95
  • 49.2cm Circumference
  • Anti-microbial fabric
  • Available in 10 colors
  • Product Link

The Halo Slim is nice because you forehead still feels exposed, you feel the fan or the breeze. The Slim is more akin to a hairband and people with longer hair off the bike may find this of use also. On the downside there is not a lot of material to absorb sweat when compared to the others. And like all models the seal does a great job of channeling the sweat away from your eyes. I found this headband good for intense workouts less than an hour.


Personal preference is a key thing here with regard to heat and sweat rates. I think the Halo 2 (Product Link) hits the mark, it has the winning combination of size, fit and venting. All bands are very high functioning and the sweat block seal really is a game changer, thank you Halo. They are easy to wash and have very well constructed and offer high value. No reason not to try a couple.

Halo Product Details

Halo products are made in the USA and you can see from the close up photos below, the quality is very high. The yellow is the sweat seal which is on the inside of the band.

Halo Sweatbands for exercise
Detail shot of the sweat seal
Halo Sweatbands for exercise
Close up shot of the made in USA quality

Update – Use & care

Just a quick update on use and care. I wash mine by hand and found no problems with durability. Often I just take mine in the shower with me and let it drip dry. Quick and efficient.
People have told me that when you put them in washing machines, the yellow sweat seal becomes delaminated from the other material. I advise if you are going to wash in a machine putting it in a lingerie bag before putting it in the machine, this will avoid any sticking and abrasion that causes the delamination.

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    1. No, it channels sweat off to the side of the face. Normal headbands don’t do that, they become saturated then it runs down the front of your forehead.

      1. Im sure the sweat strip does come off after a while depending on how they are cared for. Its a TPE strip thats bonded to the material, not stitched, so theres only so far as to how long that works. None of mine have come off yet, I only wash by hand. The flexing of the material and the strip only accelerates the wear, so I wash by hand, takes 10seconds and ensures its there ready again when I need it.

  1. Thanks for the product review; it was very helpful while trying to navigate the universe of sweatbands!

    1. Good question, the Halo bands are approx. 1.5mm thick, I tried mine on underneath a Boco running cap and it fits no problem. As for if it works well or not im not fully sure. My Boco running cap has a pretty thick sweat band built into it, so im not sure how the two would interact. My educated guess is that the Halo would divert the sweat ok but would you forehead be too hot or not? due to multiple layers. My head gets pretty hot when running even in a single layer cap, so for me it probably wouldn’t be that comfortable. But if you are having problems with a lot of perspiration I say its worth the try as nothing as bad as sweat sting in they eye.

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