Ride this: Parrett Mountain

Escape the city and ride through a variety of landscapes not too far away. Take in some climbs and head back home. This road ride has some great views, rollers and punchy climbs with some fast and fun downhill sections.

For early season of fitness this ride is harder than it seems. The early on rollers can really take it out of you and there is still some climbing to come. Don’t underestimate the mileage, its not a flat ride.

Type : Road, punchy climbs and rollers
Distance : 110km / 69miles
Elevation Gain: 1540 m / 5100ft

Just a note: I have been a little hesitant about posting this route, as I’m a little bit of a route snob. This ride has some short but not perfect sections down some unavoidable roads, which I would rather avoid. I tried multiple variants to find a 100% perfect route to Parrett Mountain, but none exist. Routes tend to be compromises in one form or another, this is the best but has a few short sections of higher traffic so be aware. Overall it still makes a quality ride with good pacing.

Let’s Start

The ride starts from PDX with the standard jaunt to Lake O. From there you head towards Tualatin and Sherwood. Parrett Mountain is on the south side of Sherwood and just East of Newburg.

The climb up Parratt Mountain is a solid smooth top 10km long at 3%avg gaining just over 332m (1089ft). From the top great views of the valley, then the descent is fast with high visility through the turns.

Coffee Break!

At 64Km there is a nice stop at Our Table Collective which is a local food, CSA, community farm store. Among many things it has snacks, coffee, water and quiche! My friend Abe showed me this and it’s a great break point and local run place. Stop in.

On the way back it routes via Schafer Rd, which is one of my favourites. The beginning is a climb, but it breaks-out into views of the valley and is surrounded by picket fence million dollar homes. Right after this you drop into the downside of Pete’s mountain Rd at 81km, this sets you up for some fast downhill riding into West Linn, its possible to hit speeds of 84kph / 52mph so be careful.

From here its a quick ride past the Willamette Falls of O city, through Milwaukee, onto the bike path and your headed home.

This ride is great regarding stops, should you choose there are plenty of options along the way including Lake Oswego, Our Table, Wet Linn, Oregon City and Milwaukee.

Have fun.

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  1. Looks like a rad ride. Will definitely put this on the to-do list. That coffee and quiche break sounds golden.

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