MSW Airstream inflator head

If you are like me and you chuck stuff in your pockets before a ride or if you like well designed minimal tools, then this could be for you.

Head and CO2 cartridge can be stored together by using the false screw-in port. This keeps things nice and tidy and so you don’t lose them in your kit bag or pocket. Well done msw.

The msw Airstream head is compact and light weight. Automatic schrader (who even uses that?) or presta – skinny valves. Cool green accent.

msw branding – why not. The nozzle here doesn’t adjust for airflow like the design sorta indicates (bad designers) To operate you screw the cartridge in and back it off as a valve control. Simple , minimal and works.

the msw airstream is small even with a cartridge.

Screw the co2 cartridge into the capped side for use. The rubber cover keeps the interface nice and clean. Good for in the kit bag or pockets.


The msw Airstream is small, lightweight and well designed, deserves a place in any pocket or kit bag. $20 well spent.

MSW tire inflation device for use with a CO2 cartridge.
$20 (just the head)

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  1. Odd that MSW does not mention how to store the cartridge on the inflator. In fact it seems to instruct you to use the ‘black end’ for the cartridge when inflating – instead of for storage.

    1. Yeah probably the marketing people don’t talk to the product people and they miss these things when making the instructions.

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