Nutrition : Rice, blueberries and choc chip cakes

This is another Scratch Labs recipe that I modified. Their products and books are great. I find them inspiring to try new recipes and not rely on store bought nutrition bars. I found that rice cakes work for me as a source of fuel and I like to be able to determine what’s in them and be able to make them myself. This might be for you also. Worth experimenting!

Makes 9 bars.
Calrose Rice : 2 cups
Bitter Sweet Cooking Choc Chip: 8Oz
Coconut Milk in Can (found in Asian / Thai isle) : 1/2 to 3/4 of a can used
Fresh Blueberries : 6-8oz
Salt : to taste
Sugar : to taste
Lemon Juice to taste


Regarding complexity and preparation, this recipe is similar to the last rice bars I wrote about – it’s quick and easy. These bars have a new flavour profile using Blueberries and Chocolate chips, plus a new consistency from the coconut milk. One large difference is the moisture of these bars. The coconut milk content makes them more moist, sweeter but also heavier.


Cook the rice, mix in the coconut milk, add lemon and salt to taste.
Spread 1/2 the rice in a compacted layer 8×8″ pan
Layer on top Blueberries (maybe pick the stalks out, I left in for on the road variety)
Add the chocolate. I selected Bittersweet but you could experiment with any.
Top with the rest of the rice and pack down with a spatula.
Layer goodness!
Pop in the fridge for at east 30mins. Helps it firm up.
Cut into blocks around 3″ square.
Wrap like I did in the last recipe (details below) and double bag for the fridge.

Wrapping / Packaging

The trick here is good packaging that holds up in a cycling jersey pocket. And is easy to open and clean to eat the food. A solution is a wrapper that is non stick on the inside and foil on the outside for structure.

ScratchLabs make some called Scratch paper here – Reynolds make some called pan liner here. Both are great. If you don’t have any special paper you can also make your own with two sheets, one parchment , one regular foil. Thats what I do, takes a little more time but a common thing to buy at the supermarket.

Wrapping examples shown with prior recipe.

bar on wrapper
Place on the centre of a 8″x8″ piece of wrap paper
paper folded around bar
Wrap the sides in and leave a little hem (overlap) for easy opening and also you can write the contents name on there if you wish
paper folded over bar and ends
Press the sides down firmly to make a little gift. Fold the edges in like wrapping a present.
ends of paper tucked in
Firm tuck and fold the flaps under the main body
To keep them, pop in the fridge make sure they are in an airtight container, this stops them from drying out.


The Blueberry Choc Chip are a lot more moist than my last recipe. I also found these bars last longer in the fridge, because they start moister(?). They are definitely a sweet bar and I like the flavor of the coconut milk. They did crumble a bit easier when eaten on the bike. I might experiment and dial back the amount of coconut milk to maybe 1/2 a can with this amount of rice. Also I think chips are better than chunks, but getting bittersweet chips might be a challenge.

Ingredients & Costs

Calrose Rice : 2 cups – $1.18 ( $3.49 a bag but only needed 1/3 of it)
Bitter Sweet Cooking Choc Chip: – $2 ($3.99 a bag half 8oz used)
Coconut Milk in Can (found in Asian / Thai isle) : 1/2 to 3/4 of a can used : $1.49
Blueberries : $2 for 8oz (I just used one of the containers in the picture)
Salt : to taste
Sugar : to taste
Lemon Juice – $0.50

Makes 9 bars : Price per bar $0.79

Nutritional Info

249 Calories
6g Fat
194mg Sodium
45g Carbs
2g Fiber
4g Protein

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