Route Dev: Recon in Winthrop WA

Winthrop, Washington is pretty far from Portland Oregon. Located at the base of the North Cascades it’s a proper six hour car drive, but well worth it. There is a massive outdoor culture up there with biking, hiking and more outdoor stuff than you can shake a stick at. We headed up there to scope some routes for an upcoming Rapha Triple Crown event that my friend had architected the gravel road routes for. Post ride foodie word – stay away from the burritos in Winthrop, they are hella expensive and pretty much naff.

Details: Multi day rides from Winthrop WA, features NF37 / Baldy Pass, NF42, Elbow Coulee Rd and Balky Hill.

NF52 Cub Creek Rd
Winthrop, WA
Lower sections of NF37 are broken paved sections
Baldy pass at 6’400ft
Water Refill at Mile 34 – West Fork Salmon Creek
Elbow Coulee Rd

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