Route Dev : Mosier Multisport + Eagle Caves 8.01b

Exploring in the winter months is a double edged sword. On one hand the gravel roads and trails are less dusty, less jarring and you don’t get baked from heat so there is less emphasis on water management. But, often you are riding in relatively cold temperatures (36-40 degrees) with raises in elevation, causing dropping temps and with chances of rain.

During the cold your body is also using more energy to heat itself, so make sure you stay fueled. On top of all this is the management of sweating up hills and not freezing on the descent, thus a shorter rides and wind breaking jackets are good ideas.

Today was one of those days 40 degrees and could rain at any time and it did a little a few times 🙂

This was some good inroads for development work thought to make into an even sweeter route.



  • Chenoweth Rd descent
  • The Dalles plateau
  • Eagle Caves above The Dalles
  • A bazillion killer views
  • Rowena Loops and the views from the top
  • Mosier swimming hole (Mosier Plateau trail)

Ride Notes:

  • The backside of the Eagle caves is very mountain bike”y”, with switchbacks and technical riding.
  • We found after the fact that the Mosier Plateau Trail doesn’t permit bicycles, so you might want to skip this section. We rode it when it was cold and no one else was on the trail.
  • Riding with a camera in a fanny pack is a pain, bar bag is much better.

Gear Selection:

  • Moots Routt – WTB Riddler 37 tyres, tubeless on 700’s.
  • Fanny pack with camera.
  • 3 Scratch nutrition bars and 2 bottles.


Might have to skip the hiking trails next time 🙂 but, starting in Mosier means leading with or ending on Rowena Loops / Crest is perfect and the in between roads can all be switched up.
For an easier way out of the Eagle Cave, you can back track to Sandlin onto Cherry Heights Rd to get into The Dalles.




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