Stephens Canyon Ride

This is a long bike ride for sure, covering almost 100 miles with a moderate amount of uphill and downhill. It’s a great choice for the early to middle part of the season. The grades are not steep and there’s only two big climbs which are rewarded by some faster descending..

91Miles / 5,700ft


The best thing about this ride is the places you visit and the beauty of the countryside. The route starts just outside of White Salmon, WA and follows a large loop with some scenic uphill sections and breathtaking canyons.

The most exciting moments include riding through a protected wildlife area, heading towards Mount St. Helens where you might spot Elk and have an awesome view of the mountain.

After a stop at the market in Glenwood you traverse on the edge of a the Klickitat River Canyon , there is the River Road Overlook at about Mile 42, that’s worth stopping at.

Shortly after that experience, prepare yourself for an exhilarating climb out of Soda Springs. Brace yourself for the breathtaking views of the canyon and the Klickitat River below, which is not only a wildlife area but also a sight to behold. As you ascend, be mesmerized by the serpentine path of the river, gracefully meandering and ever-changing its course. It is a truly awe-inspiring journey that promises to ignite your senses.

Then, enjoying a thrilling descent on a winding road through Klickitat Canyon, returning you to Lyle, Washington.


As far as pacing for food and services, its great. There is a corner store in a town called Glenwood at around mile 36 and a couple of shops to choose from around mile 70 in the town of Klickitat

We rode this in the middle of April, the weather was mild and a little cooler but not cold. Traffic was very low.
We chose to start this ride at Cayote Wall Trailhead, there is parking there and a bathroom. But this trail head is very busy with Hikers in the summer. Another place to start would be Lyle (to the East and there’s trail parking) or Bingen (the town to the West). Either way you would have to ride 3miles of not so great highway ish things, which I think would be better done in the morning, so my second start choice would be Lyle.

This ride is a definite keeper. And has all the aspects that I think a a good roadie should have.

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