The why and how of servicing your wheels

It’s one of those things that should happen at least once a year, but if you are like me you find many excuses to push it off.

The main reasons for a service :

  • Your wheels will last longer before failure or expensive repair.
  • Your wheels will feel smoother and roll faster.
  • You will have more reliable wheels – servicing identifies other issues before they rise.

The off season is a great time to take your wheels to the local shop to have them serviced, since you need the downtime and there are less excuses 🙂
If you are technically inclined and don’t mind doing some research then you can accomplish a lot yourself. You will need to have some basic tools and a good workspace in which to disassemble and clean.

How to guides.

Two articles from reputable sources (bike radar and park tools) that I consider great how to guides, which cover a range of hubs styles.

Exception to my words above.
High end hubs often require special tools, advanced greases or procedures that require a unique technique or skill. It is better to seek a specialist on hubs such as Chris King, DuraAce, White Industries and Paul Components. Some Mavic hubs / wheels can require proprietary tools and oils.

Good Luck on your service and well done if this motivated you to take them into your local shop.

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