Wahoo Rival Multisport Watch

I have been a big fan of Wahoo ever since I got frustrated with awful user interfaces of Garmin (years past). Just the other night I was looking at Garmin’s multi-sport wrist devices with my eye on something that is better for my runs than just my iphone.

This morning I get a great e mail message. Wahoo launch a watch – yes! my geeky performance desire screams ….that intuitively means that the beautiful simple user experiences will be there in the new product.

It looks like Wahoo are focusing a lot on the tri market with some of the seamless features of recording a. workout.

As far as affordability, this new product is starting at $380, which puts it deep in the middle with some all-ready good Garmin watch models (Vivoactive 3/4) and a little lower than Garmin’s Fenix or Forerunner series that get more expensive.

Im curious in the coming months to see if this new Wahoo Rival will be a a game changer, at first glance in DC rainmakers article it looks like this new Wahoo unit is a step in the right direction but has some quirks that will be worked out over the coming 6-12months.

DC Rainmaker’s review here: . https://www.dcrainmaker.com/2020/11/wahoo-rival-multisport-gps-watch-review.html

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