BlackSnow 2016

Wednesday night hammer, 5:15pm – Vera Katz on the Eastbank – Bring your Roadie skills and a spare set of legs.

Regular route is Springwater > Cemetery > Terwilliger > Chart House Climb > Fairview > Council Crest > Hewett >61st > Barnes >Skyline > Zoo > Hawthorne > Ladds

6/15 – The first climb (cemetery) is always a tough decision for me, crush it or save for later. Luckily tonight was chill(er) yet Joe setting the pace after some first turns then Seb (orange starburst) bringing the heat close to the end, punching it hard in his rocket ship steez.  He took it, I fell off the wheel right at the end. I blame jetlag.

Then the climb to Fairview, a few interesting construction elements to say the least! a sand pit a curb, luckily I was third through so I got to dig holes for the others:-) but again lost it at the end by a handful of wheels. Joe crushing it.

The battle between Josh (tropical blue starburst) and Joe began, chasing like nutters. I was chillin. Then the icing on the cake. My favourite 61st climb, i knew 10% into it I didn’t have it, my pop is normally proper mad at the bottom of 61st at the old hump. Then my legs fell off on Barnes rd so I had a chat with Tony. It was worth it. Tony is da humblest (yellow starburst)

5/25 – Some local superstars showed up. Joe’s red trek bike looks pretty saucy digging the finish on the paint. My cemetery climb was slow today, body wasn’t having it.  But after the climb to council crest, I woke up and smashed 61st ave climb, sorry to whoever I bumped across the yellow to my left – my head was buried in my bars for that first kicker. It’s gonna be three weeks till my next wed smash, so enjoy fellas. Ride safe.

5/18  – the great Black Snow throwdown as usual, starts off with that nice flat springwater corridor that me and Dylan love so much, then turns into the regular uphill pukefest and as usual Sick Nick Gibson was crushing, holding my wheel like a monster. Watch out for the shimano logos and pink livery, it indicates a monster time.
A nice number of folks showed up,  making for a nice pack and chit chat, Joe on his new superlight 13lb Trek with a spicy matte red finish and Dylan on his fancy pants carbon and electric. Sebastian seemed to be healing up well from his your de tarmac last week. Till next time crushers.

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