New bicycle tech from 2019 Vegas CES show

One of the largest consumer electronics shows of the year hits Las Vegas over the next few days. Along with all the Google(y) things and super massive large TV’s are some new bike tech!

Inflatable Safety Vest

If you’re an avid cyclist or bike commuter then you’ve probably heard of the Hövding inflatable helmet. Now there’s an inflatable vest you can sport along with it. Helite, maker of airbag jackets and vests for motorcycle riders, showed off an airbag vest for cyclists at CES.
Unveiled last night. Unlike Helite’s motorcycle safety vests, which are triggered by a rip cord, the new vest relies on a combination of accelerometers, a gyroscope, and a microprocessor to determine when you’re falling off your bike. It’s designed to deploy in milliseconds, as a poor soul from Helite demonstrated by repeatedly throwing himself off his bike on the CES Unveiled show floor. The nylon inflatable vest will also cost $650 when it ships this March, so, it’s not cheap. 

NordiTrak VR Exercise Bike

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