ChrisKing Open House 2019

The Open house is known for its great bikes, this year was not a disappointment. 18 builders and show bikes, then Enve, Chrome, SRAM, Smith, Bike Flights and some other people were there. Rather a big event.

Here’s my brief snapsshots of some I really like:
Speedvagen Ti GTFO @speedvagen
Mosaic RS1 @mosaiccycles
Mercredi 29’er @m_rcredi
Pursuit Leadout @pursuitcycles
Sklar Basket Bike @sklarbikes

Mosaic RS1

Hard to pickup in the photos but the paint is a pearl and the top tube is Columbus OS hexagonal main tube. The graphic details have crowns and bees.

Speedvagen Ti GTFO

The Ingrid cranks were custom anodised by the Chris King guys to match their Violet hub color.

Mercredi XC29

Pursuit Leadout

My attraction to the Leadout was the tube shaping reminded me of the Cinelli Laser!

Sklar Basket Bike

Custom anno Paul Clamper to match the Bourbon hubs.

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