PNW Pebble Bike Tool



Sub Compact size
Alloy forged handle
Dynaplug tubeless plug
3,4,5 & 6 Allen wrench
Designed in Seattle WA


This one is the minimalists tool. Small, light and high in functionality. The tool measures just over 2″ x less than 1″ and is made from sturdy forged alloy body with fold out tools. The tubeless fixer wizard called dynaplug (refillable) unscrews off to reveal a T25.

Intended use.

Ultra light gravel riders, short trip mountain bikers and even roadies now that many roadies have gone tubeless setups. (I say short trip mountain bikers because I believe that if you are traveling a long / remote distance then you should have a chain tool)


Straight from the factory the tools are pretty stiff to rotate outwards. Spend a couple of hours pushing things around while you watch a film on the sofa and the bushings will break in making this an easier to access tool.

By the way of the design,the Dynaplug tubeless tool nests into the 6mm tool when closed. This is smart that the removable dynaplug stays in place but it makes it difficult to open as there is no edge to leverage. If you have short finger nails you will find this even more difficult and possibly very frustrating. I think there could have been a couple of design features to overcome this problem and make tools easier to access.


Definitely the metal handle is great, this provides a nice feel along with the ability to put some beef cake into turning motion. Other super small tools use glass reinforced plastic handles, which still flex.
Additional bonus is this guy is so small and affordable you can hide one in multiple bags and bike places.

The smooth shape and rounded edges of the overall product, makes it feel good in your hand and snag free in pockets. Probably also the driver for the name “Pebble”

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